McCall MacBain Scholarships announce 91 finalists

In March, finalists will arrive in Montreal for the final round of scholarship interviews

The McCall MacBain Scholarships at McGill has announced its largest-ever group of 91 finalists for the September 2024 cohort.

The scholarships are the result of a landmark $200 million gift in 2019 by John and Marcy McCall MacBain, the then-largest single donation in Canadian history.

Designed to encourage purposeful leadership, the scholarships enable students to pursue a fully funded master’s or professional degree while participating in mentorship, coaching, and a leadership development program.

Students and graduates of 2,250 universities applied for this opportunity, and the top 277 participated in regional interviews with local leaders in October and November.

Candidates from around the world

In March, the top 91 candidates will arrive in Montreal for the final round of scholarship interviews. The 37 international finalists hail from 24 countries. Countries represented for the first time include Brazil, Ecuador, Kenya, Mongolia, Philippines, Rwanda, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Trinidad and Tobago, and Tunisia.

“Integrity, kindness, curiosity, and courage are the characteristics we want to see in the next generation of leaders,” said Dr. Marcy McCall MacBain, Chair of the McCall MacBain Scholarships at McGill. “By connecting talent to a world-class graduate education and a community of peers and mentors, we hope to encourage positive leadership for Montreal, Quebec, Canada, and the world.”

“More than 300 senior volunteer leaders were involved in selecting this year’s finalists,” said Natasha Sawh, Chief Executive Officer of the McCall MacBain Scholarships at McGill. “Our team is very much looking forward to welcoming the finalists – who have already distinguished themselves as the top candidates globally – to Montreal in March. We extend our warmest thanks to the universities that nominated them for this opportunity.”

Canadian and International leaders help select Scholars

From March 21 to 23, finalists will be interviewed by volunteer leaders from academia, business, government, and the social sector. Recent volunteers include Garvin Brown (BA’91), Retired Chairman, Brown-Forman Corp; Graeme Hepworth (BA’94), Chief Risk Officer, RBC; Leen Li, CEO, Wealthsimple Foundation; and Samira Sakhia (BCom’91, DPA’94, MBA’01), President & CEO, Knight Therapeutics; and Fabrice Vil, Co-founder and Board Chair of Pour 3 Points.

“The scholarship interviews allow students to discuss their formative experiences, what they’ve learned, and how those lessons have informed their aspirations,” said Garvin Brown. “It’s a tremendous privilege to meet and learn from these talented young people.”

Up to 30 McCall MacBain Scholars will be selected after final interviews. Finalists who are not selected for the cohort will be eligible to receive a Finalist Award of $10,000 or $20,000.

Travel costs for final interviews are covered by the scholarship program.

Meet some of the MacBain Scholarships finalists

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Benjamin Locke
4 months ago

Finalists for what… now that McGill is about to close shop for want of students and the imposition of French language requirements in the Fall. Where will these scholars go to?

Benjamin Locke
4 months ago

What school will these McBain scholars enter, if the newly imposedtuition hikes and French language requirements will deplete the remaining students at McGill come Fall semester? I know the editorship of this paper will censor and delete this post in the face of impending catastrophe at McGill but that is the plain and honest truth!

Benjamin Locke
4 months ago

Great winners of this MacBain scholarship. But will McGill still be open in the Fall?