World AIDS Week at McGill

The McGill Global AIDS Coalition, in collaboration with Friends of Médecins Sans Frontières, McGill’s Human Rights Working Group, Dignitas McGill, Canfar and Universities Allied for Essential Medicines will be hosting World AIDS Week on campus from Nov. 16 – 20.

Events will include a film screening, panel discussions, firsthand accounts of AIDs workers, a variety show and a keynote address by Donna Barry, Policy Director at Partners in Health and the person responsible for guiding the organization’s advocacy and policy efforts related to hunger, socioeconomic development in Haiti. During her keynote speech, Barry will address the need to continue the enhancement of HIV/AIDS projects. In addition, she will speak about the successes and ‘not-so-successes’ of various HIV/AIDS projects around the world.

The McGill Global AIDS Coalition is an HIV/AIDS advocacy group dedicated to the eradication of HIV/AIDS and to the realization, worldwide, of the right to health. The group is committed to helping create an effective student advocacy network in Canada and to educating the McGill and Montreal community on global health issues.

World Aids Week; Nov. 16-20. For more information, including the complete schedule, go to