The future of the independent newspaper

4212-AC-LE-DEVOIRIs the newspaper as we know it today on the verge of disappearing? Who will be responsible for gathering news and processing it journalistically if the major dailies can no longer do the job? What will the consequences be for democracy?

On March 12, Media@McGill and le Centre d’études sur les médias (Laval and HEC) will co-host an international symposium, The Independent Newspaper: Elusive Dream or Beacon of Democracy?, to mark the 100th anniversary of Quebec’s iconic daily, Le Devoir.

The day-long conference, to be held at the Grande Bibliothèque de Montréal, will bring together prominent journalists and researchers from France, Sweden, Canada and the United States to reflect on the independent newspaper in the 21st century: its role, content and public, as well as its editorial structure, financing and management.

The Independent Newspaper: Elusive Dream or Beacon of Democracy? March 12, 9:00 – 5:30 p.m., Grande Bibliothèque, 475 boulevard de Maisonneuve Est. Please visit for more information or to register.