Silver screen gems at the Redpath

Newcomers and McGill vets alike should all take note that the Redpath Museum is the best bet for thought-provoking films on the cheap. On Aug. 30, the Redpath will show The Score, a drama based on an award-winning play by Vancouver’s Electric Company Theatre that tells the story of a brilliant researcher who is on the cusp of isolating a cancer-causing gene. Produced with Genome Canada, The Score examines the essential irony of genomic and proteomic research: while we are able to understand more about our genetic composition, do we really want to know all of that information, especially if it indicates a predisposition to disease or other negative consequences?

The Score: Aug. 30 at 3 p.m.; Redpath Museum, Auditorium; 859 Sherbrooke Street West. Admission is free with a contribution to the Museum. For the complete slate of activities at the Redpath, go to