Movie Night at the Neuro: Stalag 17

4215-AC-NEURO-FILMThe last instalment of this season’s Neuro Movie Night is coming up. Get set for Stalag 17, the story of a group of American airmen held in a German World War II prisoner of war camp who come to suspect that one of their group is a traitor. The movie explores themes of jealousy and presumption of guilt.

As it turns out, one of the inmates of the real Stalag 17 was Dr. Reuben Rabinovitch who later became a medical fellow at The Neuro after the war. Join Dr. David Colman, neuroscientist and Director of The Neuro, as well as Dr. Rabinovitch’s grandson, Mr. Daniel Rabinovitch, for an eye-opening discussion and the full story following the film.

Neuro Movie Night: Stalag 17. April 15, 6:30 p.m. Montreal Neurological Institute and Hospital, 3801 University St., Jeanne Timmins Amphitheatre. Admission is free. Snacks can be purchased (popcorn, soda and candy). For more information, contact: or call 514-398-6047.