McGill supports new diamond access journal Seismica

New online journal will publish original, novel peer-reviewed research in seismology, earthquake science, and related disciplines

McGill Library has launched a new journal that should allow for the most up-to-date earthquake research to circulate globally. The journal, Seismica, was launched on July 1, with a public call for researchers to submit their research. McGill University assists the journal by running the IT platform behind the website.Seismica will publish original, novel peer-reviewed research in seismology, earthquake science, and related disciplines. The new journal initiative began about two years ago when a group of seismologists felt the need a change how the publishing system works, especially in light of recent technological advances. Since then, more than 100 seismologists from around the world got together to take on the mammoth task of setting up the journal, such as setting Editorial policies, IT platform, journal branding, publishing template, reviewer database and marketing. This initiative follows on from a movement of other journals that specialize in volcanoes, tectonics and sediments. Seismica strives to be accessible, transparent, respectful, credible, and progressive.

Professor Christie Rowe, Canada Research Chair in Earthquake Geology, and Executive Editor for Community of Seismica said, “Seismica is a community-driven journal dedicated to seismology, fully volunteer-run, diamond open-access journal. Articles are free to publish and free to read, without a subscription, and authors retain full copyright.”

Seismica aims to appeal not only to academics and researchers alike but also to the industry, which plays a crucial role in this field of study. “It is critical that the most up-to-date information is shared freely,” said Jessica Lange, Scholarly Communications Librarian. “However, large swaths of global research are either hidden behind publisher paywalls or published openly by charging thousands of dollars to the authors who must pay them from using public research funds. McGill Library desires to support accessible, global research, particularly when it comes to matters of risks and preparedness such as earthquakes.”Seismica has an ongoing call for reviewers to subscribe to the journal database, for volunteers to help run the journal, and for scientists to submit their research. Interested people are asked to register on the Seismica website.

People can also follow Seismica on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube.

In the video below Christie Rowe welcomes the community of seismologists and earthquake scientists to Seismica.