McGill Farmers' Market

Photo: Owen Egan

An annual Fall event on McGill’s downtown campus, the Farmers’ Market provides students, employees, and neighborhood residents the opportunity to buy fresh, healthy, organic and local food directly from the farmers who produce it, and to engage with community and student groups working on personal, community, and ecological food sustainability initiatives.  

Developed out of the 2008 Rethink conference, the Market is a continuing collaboration between undergraduate and graduate students, the Students Society of McGill University, and McGill Food and Dining Services. Founded to support community-building and local, sustainable agriculture, the Market aims to foster inclusiveness, participation, communication, and learning throughout both the Market’s fall presence and its year-long planning process. The Market is open for business in Three Bares Park every Tuesday from 11 a.m.- 5 p.m., September through October.

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