Let there be light!

4210-AC-LIGHT-CUTTINGEDGEWhat do butterfly wings, Venus flower baskets and healthy doses of elements from the Periodic Table have to do with conveying digital data, music, voice and video by light? They can all be designed to make “light work.” Light is rather mysterious stuff; but Nature and scientists have found ways to make extraordinary materials in order to control light so that it can be used to transmit information and render images. On Feb. 11, Mark Andrews of McGill’s Department of Chemistry, will discuss everything from aquatic micro-organisms and Napoleonic inventions to iTunes® and flexible liquid crystal colour displays as he explains how materials make light work.

Redpath Museum’s Cutting Edge Lecture Series – Feb. 11; Redpath Museum auditorium (859 Sherbrooke St. W.); 6 p.m. Free, everyone is welcome but seating is limited.