Does medicine need a neo-oslerian revolution?

4214-AC-NEO-OSLEREvidence based medicine (EBM) and clinical practice guidelines (CPG’S) have assumed increasing authority as the standard for medical practice. Yet, both EBM and CPG’s have limitations that are often not acknowledged. For example, overreliance on RCT’s as the primary means of generating secure knowledge and the belief that medical knowledge can be hierarchically ordered diverts attention away from close observation and clinic-pathological correlation.

In his presentation on April 16, Dr. Ross Upshur, Director of the Joint Centre for Bioethics and Professor in the Department of Family and Community Medicine University of Toronto, will outline limitations to EBM and CPG’s and argue for what he calls a neo-Oslerian return to clinical observation.

On beyond clinical practice guidelines: Do we need a neo-oslerian revolution in medicine? April 16, 12:30 – 2:00 p.m., 3647 Peel Street, Room 101. For more information, please contact Audrey Prosser 514-398-6980.