Accolades for McGill at CCAE Prix d’Excellence 2023

McGill captures four awards from the Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education

McGill once again made an impressive showing among its university peers at the Prix d’Excellence 2023 awards ceremony hosted by the Canadian Council for the Advancement of Education (CCAE).

Considered the ultimate recognition for achievement in educational advancement in Canada, the Prix d’Excellence awards celebrate creativity, quality and inventiveness in fundraising efforts, alumni engagement, stewardship and community outreach.

Two of McGill’s four award-winning projects are aligned with the University’s strategic Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Plan (EDI). The Mentorship Programs for Equity Seeking Groups captured a Gold medal in the Best Student and/or Young Alumni Initiative category. Launched in 2021 by University Advancement’s Alumni Relations and Annual Giving unit, the McGill Black Mentorship Program, an initiative of the McGill Black Alumni Association, and the McGill Women’s Mentorship Program, an initiative of the McGill Women’s Alumnae Association, provides McGillians in these two groups with access to diverse and inclusive mentorship experiences.

Recognized with a Bronze medal in the Best Advancement Services Initiative category was the Inclusive Communications Project, an undertaking that changes how University Advancement collects, stores and uses data relating to prefixes, pronouns, salutations and gender. This initiative will ensure that McGill’s 300,000-plus graduates, donors, volunteers, students, parents, and friends worldwide are addressed respectfully and in the manner of their choosing.

A free educational resource, Dementia, Your Companion Guide was awarded a Bronze medal in the Best Community Outreach Initiative category. Created by a multidisciplinary team at the McGill University Dementia Education Program in the Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences, this accessible guide includes information on the science and progression of dementia and answers many of the pressing questions and concerns that patients and care partners have about the disease.

Here is the complete list of McGill’s awards for 2023:

Gold medal

  • Best Student and/or Young Alumni Initiative for Mentorship Programs for Equity Seeking Groups

Bronze medal

  • Best Advancement Services Initiative for Inclusive Communications Project (Prefix, Pronoun, Salutations, Gender)
  • Best Development Event for the Trottier Family Foundation Gift Announcement: Joining forces to amplify impact, jointly Université de Montréal & McGill University
  • Best Community Outreach Initiative for Dementia, Your Companion Guide
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Williams Mpoadan Ogaja
Williams Mpoadan Ogaja
6 months ago

Wow. Congratulations.