McGill offices honoured for their sustainability practices 

Semester-setting record of 20 offices at McGill achieved Bronze, Silver, Gold, and/or Platinum certification levels through the Sustainable Workplace Certification program 

A semester-setting record of 20 McGill offices (see gallery below) started or continued to advance workplace sustainability practices by participating in the University’s Sustainable Workplace Certification program so far in 2024.

From purchasing solely fairtrade coffees and teas to incorporating sustainability objectives into unit objectives, steps taken by these offices exemplify the positive, tangible change that stems from teamwork in pursuit of shared objectives 

Special congratulations are in order for two Desautels Faculty of Management units (Masters Office and Academic Affairs Office) and IT Communications for attaining Platinum-level certification, the highest level of the Sustainable Workplace Certification program. 

The Sustainable Workplace Certification program proposes environmentally, economically, and socially responsible actions to inspire sustainable changes at work and at home. Learn more on the Office of Sustainability’s website.



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