McGill among the upper echelon of world universities: CWUR rankings

University ranks 27th in the world on the strength of outstanding quality of education, faculty, and research


Once again, the Center for World University Rankings (CWUR), has rated McGill among the top-tier universities in the world.

McGill ranks 27th in the 2024 edition of the CWUR’s Global 2000, released on May 13. This places McGill among the top 0.14 per cent of some 21,000 institutions around the world assessed by CWUR.

These results speak to the University’s ability to compete on the global stage, consistently attracting top-tier faculty and students from around the world. McGill has made the top 30 in the CWUR rankings every year since 2019.

“It is gratifying to see that McGill has, once again, been recognized as one of the best universities in the world,” said Deep Saini, President and Vice-Chancellor.  “Every year, the CWUR assesses nearly 21,000 institutions worldwide. To sustain a ranking among the top 30 universities is, therefore, an especially noteworthy achievement, and is a direct reflection of the high quality of our faculty, researchers and staff, as well as the exceptional education provided at McGill.”

Assessing quality across the institution

The CWUR’s Global 2000 grades universities on the following four factors without relying on surveys and university data submissions:

  • Quality of Education: based on the number of alumni who have won major academic distinctions relative to the university’s size
  • Alumni Employability: based on the number of alumni who have held top executive positions at the world’s largest companies relative to the university’s size
  • Quality of Faculty: based on the number of faculty members who have won prestigious academic distinctions
  • Research Performance: based on research output; high-quality publications; influence; and citations

McGill placed second overall in Canada, behind University of Toronto, which came in at 23rd globally. However, McGill was the only institution in Canada to rank in the global 100 in three of the four indicators: education (25th), faculty (44th), and research (48th). The University just missed going four-for-four, with employability coming in at 105th.

Other recent rankings include:

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Sudhendu Banerjee
14 days ago

Heartiest Congratulations, needs to be within 10 ranking as in the past.

12 days ago

It’s hard to believe. I was at their library today, they literally only have two rows of math books. All their books are now at some remote location in West Island.
There are very few ressources to learn. They are clearly living off a reputation of a bygone era.

Dorothy Lawson
5 days ago

I’m so proud of my McGill, a well deserving University, congratulations!!