Marking Asian Heritage Month

McGill Library offers displays and reading for the month and beyond

Staff-curated display and digital exhibit in Redpath Library Building

McGill Library is celebrating Asian Heritage Month and the diversity of the McGill community with a book display curated by Librarian Hye-jin Juhn and Library staff member Soraya Ata. The physical display will be on view in the Redpath Library Building from May 1 to 31. It will showcase scholarly and educational resources about the people, history, and culture of Islam in Asia.

digital exhibit accompanies the in-person display and features books, documentary films, and related resources.

Student book list

book list was also compiled by Humanities and Social Sciences Library Outreach Assistants, Pranjal Malik and Olivia Melanson. They strived to be as geographically diverse as possible, covering a wide scope and many different voices.


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