Maintain your physical and mental well-being with McGill Recreation

McGill Recreation offers a wide range of activities for students, staff and faculty, including in-person classes, intramurals, personal training, the Fitness Centre and drop-in rec
McGill’s Fitness Centre is a top-flight facility where members of the University community can pursue their training goals

Whether you’re a first-year engineering student, a graduate student in law, or a member of McGill’s staff or faculty, everyone needs time to decompress, see friends and just have fun. Thanks to McGill Recreation, any student or staff member can do just that by taking advantage of activities designed for their mental and physical well-being.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still looming in the background, some programming had to be reimagined but as the fall semester begins, many favourites from years past are back, including in-person classes, intramurals, personal training, the Fitness Centre and drop-in rec. Most of the drop-in opportunities are included with students’ athletics and recreation fee – with supplemental charges required only for the Fitness Centre and instructor-led classes.

Similarly, staff are also able – and encouraged – to take advantage of the recreation services offered. For a small fee, staff can enjoy online and in-person fitness classes, allowing them to pick the ones that best fit their schedule. With many staff working remotely, the online and on-demand classes introduced last year make finding a time to work out easier than ever before.

Something for everyone

The Intramural Program is a staple at the University. A place where anyone can find the joys of sport – regardless of their level of athleticism – and dip their toe into new activities. It’s also a perfect place to meet new people and create lasting friendships.

“The intramurals program was such a great part of my time at McGill, and it’s responsible for so many unexpected, long-term friendships,” said Marina Martin, a 2020 Arts graduate who was a member of the soccer intramural program.  “Although our team always had ambitions to win the league, it really became more about having fun with friends. That sense of community is what kept our team together throughout my McGill experience – and after graduation as well!”

Martin’s experience isn’t unique, and is certainly familiar to anyone who has been involved in the intramural program. Though you sign up to participate in a sport, what you leave with is a group of friends.

Adapting to the challenges of COVID

While the intramural program is great for those who love playing sports, McGill Recreation also has a wide variety of fitness classes, and a fully equipped Fitness Centre. Though the hours of operation have been adjusted due to COVID-19, the staff have worked hard to meet demand. “Throughout the past year and a half, McGill’s recreation services have adapted well to the various challenges presented by the pandemic,” said Adir Berkowitz, a third-year psychology and management student.  “Although bookings have become more structured, the recreation services maintain the level of service we were accustomed to before the pandemic.”

Not to be forgotten is Memorial Pool, one of McGill Recreation’s most popular spots.

“The pool has been a sanctuary for me during my time at McGill, particularly during the trials of COVID-19,” said Liam Fowler, a third-year student studying dietetics. “Having a place to escape that feels safe and welcoming, the facility and staff provide this privileged service for students that warrants our utmost appreciation.”

Whether you’re interested in taking a spin class, mastering martial arts, or running on the treadmill in the Fitness Centre, there really is something for everyone.

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