In Memoriam: Stéfan Sinclair (1972-2020)

Stéfan Sinclair, Associate Professor in the Department of Languages, Literatures, and Cultures, passed away last week. Some of his close colleagues have written a remembrance of his “care, courage, genius, and gentle questions.”

Remembering Faraz Falsafi

Falsafi, who earned his Master's degree at the School of Computer Science in 2015, was one of the 176 people who died aboard Flight 752

Ronald Melzack (1929 – 2019)

"He’s the most famous and the most prominent pain researcher to have ever lived," says Jeffrey Mogil, Director of the Alan Edwards Centre for Research...

Desmond Morton (1937 – 2019)

"He was never interested in the so called ‘great men’ of history, but rather the working people, the soldiers and their families, always including the...