What I researched on my summer vacation

Summer research internships aren’t just a great way for McGill undergraduates to put their book learning to work and gain invaluable real-world experience — they’re an important part of forging the university-industry collaborations necessary for moving innovations out of academic silos and into the marketplace, where they can change lives. As students gear up for internship season, eight veteran McGill interns share their experiences and lessons learned. //

By Laura Pellerine

claudia macedo

Intern at Rio Tinto, Iron&Titanium

martin ahrens

Intern at FPInnovations

grant macneil

Intern at PerkinElmer

clarence leung

Intern at Crowdsourcing Biology

debbie wang

Intern at Suncor

christopher nickels

Intern at RIM (BlackBerry)

rose-lyne mccall

Intern at FPInnovations

alex walsh

Intern at Bombardier Aerospace