Times Higher Education ranks McGill Law among the world’s best

Annual rankings by subject pegs McGill Law at 17th worldwide

McGill is one of the world’s best universities to study Law, according to the 2022 Times Higher Education (THE) World University Rankings by Subject. Released yesterday, the rankings has McGill Law tied for 17th in the world, a slight dip from the 16th position it garnered last year. Since THE began including Law in its subject ranking in 2017, McGill has made the global Top 20 every year.

This year’s Law rankings include 257 institutions from 39 countries and regions.

THE has been releasing its subject rankings in phases over the past month. The first set of rankings came out on September 16, for Physical Sciences; Life Sciences; Clinical, Pre-Clinical and Health; and Psychology. On October 6, THE issued its list for Engineering and Computer Science. On top of Law, this most recent set of rankings also included rankings also included Social Sciences, Education, and Business and Economics.

McGill has made the Top 100 worldwide in all 10 subjects ranked by THE in 2021. This includes five in the Top 50 globally: Law (17th); Clinical, Pre-Clinical and Health (29th); Psychology (41st); Education (44th) and Life Sciences (49th).

Business and Economics made the biggest move up the charts, jumping from 82nd in 2020, to 64th this year.

The final round of subject rankings will be published on November 3, for Arts and Humanities.


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