Summer 2022 in photos, Part 1

Summer 2022, we hardly knew ye! We’ve done our best to extend summer with our photo gallery of pictures submitted by members of the McGill community
“Big prairie skies near Mariapolis, Manitoba”Jim Nicell, Dean, Faculty of Engineering Jim Nicell, Dean, Faculty of Engineering

On September 21, summer officially came to a close. We thought we would extend the season a bit by posting our annual summer photo gallery looking back and celebrating some of the fun and adventures we had, and the memories we made.

When we made the call for members of the McGill community to submit their summer pictures, we were overwhelmed by the response. We received so many photos that we have divided the photos into two galleries, one posted today and the next to be posted next week.

We thank everyone – students, staff, faculty, alumni and retirees – for their wonderful submissions. We apologize that we were not able to use everyone’s photos as our format only works with pictures of certain dimensions.




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Maryse Ulrich
Maryse Ulrich
6 months ago

Thanks to all for sharing these beautiful pictures 🙂