Quarter Century Club welcomes 139 new members

Qcc131016-191152-9811_ed5x7 (1) On October 16, the McGill Quarter Century Club (QCC) held its 45th annual gala and welcomed 139 new members to its roster, which now includes 2,939 members. Read more».
Qcc131016-191152-9811_ed5x7 (1)
2013 QCC Inductees

On October 16, the McGill Quarter Century Club (QCC) held its 45th annual gala and welcomed 139 new members to its roster, which now includes 2,939 members.  McGill’s new Principal Suzanne Fortier was present to congratulate new members.  Later at the reception, she chatted with new inductees and returning members.  About 250 people attended this year’s event.

As usual, Human Resources team members were out in force to welcome guests and to ensure smooth coordination of the event.  Also on hand to pay tribute to new inductees were Provost Anthony C. Masi, Michael Di Grappa, Vice-Principal, Administration & Finance and Lynne B. Gervais, Associate Vice-Principal, Human Resources, who said in her remarks that it was an honour to have McGill’s new Principal present at this event. She also gave thanks for pursuing this great tradition of recognizing those who have given 25 years of loyal service to the University.

The reception was a perfect opportunity to catch up with retired colleagues and greet newcomers.  For the list of 2013 Quarter Century Club inductees, click here.

Pierre Thibodeau, Director, Staffing, whose unit is responsible for the event, thanked team members who volunteered their time and who worked diligently throughout the evening greeting guests and dealing with logistics. Thanks to their involvement, the event was a success.

Behind the scenes

Most people may not realize the time and work involved in preparing for this kind of event. Every year, a small team in HR’s Staffing unit takes on the responsibility of organizing all aspects of the QCC, in addition to their daily work. Some of the tasks that Adam Smith and Corina Sferdenschi started working on in late June include personalized invitation letters to new inductees and distinguished guests, all signed personally by the AVP, HR.  Lists are checked, updated and compiled. The gala program is developed. Volunteers are sought and briefed on their duties.

Service pins for those with 15, 20, 25, 30, 35, 40, 45 and 50 year milestones are packaged and distributed to HR advisors in faculties and units. This year, more than 700 pins were given to faculties and units for distribution to those celebrating one of the above milestones.

“With some 2,939 QCC members and only 250 people attending this year’s gala – and with only 41 out of 139 inductees present – the event seems to be attracting less interest. Because of the time and energy that go into planning and organizing this event, perhaps this is the time to take stock and consider a different approach to the QCC,” said Pierre Thibodeau.


Thanks to our volunteers!

Alexandra Carbonneau, Caecilia Widati, Carole Randle, Connie Servedio, Corina Sferdenschi, Danielle Côté, Debbie McAllister, Isabelle Roberge, John Poliquin, Kathleen Tobin, Linda Quinn, Lucie Carrière, Megan St Martin, Michelle Cubano-Guzman, Nadia Urli, Randa Awad, Richard Courtois, Rosemary Clark, Shelley Marie Bevan, Shuya Li, Stephanie Lynch, Susanne Baumann-Moroy, Sylvie Bédard, Tammy Brunet and Zuiggly Bobadilla-Lopez.