Pow Wow in pictures

Hundreds of Montrealers and McGillians take part in annual celebration of Indigenous cultures

The Hiawatha Wampum Belt flag flew from the Arts Building as McGill hosted its 22nd annual Pow Wow on Friday, September 22.

As the sounds of traditional Indigenous drumming and singing resonated across Lower Campus, Montrealers and members of the McGill community gathered in the big tent at the foot of the Redpath Museum to take part in the festivities. Cheering, clapping, and snapping photos, audience members were also invited to take part in traditional dances. The day featured everything from Inuit throat singers to a Inter-tribal dances, to vendors and demonstrations of hoop and smoke dances.

Pow Wow was organized by First Peoples’House in collaboration with the Office of Indigenous Initiatives.

Befitting the picture-perfect day, we have assembled a gallery of photos from the event.


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