Veteran negotiator joins Labour Relations team

Labour Relations has welcomed a new, seasoned HR professional to its team. Denis Gauthier has joined the team as Labour Negotiator.

Labour Relations has welcomed a new, seasoned HR professional to its team. Denis Gauthier has joined the team as Labour Negotiator.  His arrival will alleviate Robert Comeau’s task as chief negotiator, allowing him to dedicate more time to employee relations. Denis’ role will be to share with the community relevant information about negotiations with most of McGill’s unions, new agreements and changes to existing ones.

We asked Denis what he thought about his new employer:

What are your first impressions of this position, of McGill?

This role offers a good balance between relationships and analytical work. It gives me a chance to work with others to find creative solutions. I knew McGill was a great institution, but every day I discover a new piece of it. I am impressed by the generous benefits package McGill offers its employees.

Where did you work before coming to McGill?

My background is in employee relations but I am also considered a human resources generalist. Before joining McGill, I was with Kraft Foods, a subsidiary of a major U.S. multinational corporation. There, I had an opportunity to develop my skills in dealing with complex issues in a vast organization.

What is your impression of Human Resources at McGill?

Everyone I meet is dedicated to offering quality services to our clientele. There is solid expertise in all areas of HR and people share openly on all fronts.

Who are your clients?

Management and HR professionals who are involved in negotiations in their units. We are currently preparing for discussions with research associates/research assistants, course lecturers, course instructors and trades and services.

Other appointments

After a leave of absence, Laurence Cormier has rejoined the Employee and Labour Relations team as Senior HR Advisor. She works closely with Denis Gauthier as well as with Maud Boyer and Alexandre Coutu who are both actively involved in the bargaining process with the University’s unions.

John Poliquin joined McGill in January as Senior Advisor, Staffing.  He is responsible for recruiting for senior management positions.  He is also working to improve the Careers site and the posting process.  John worked at Bell Canada before joining McGill.

After a long-standing career at McGill, Josephine Leake elected to retire in December.  Diana Dutton has been appointed Senior Director, replacing Josephine. Diana is responsible for the HR advisor and Direct Service reps network and she is involved in dealing with the many challenges facing HR in the years to come.  The University is in the final stages of recruiting for Diana’s replacement in Total Compensation.

Note:  A listing of all members of the Human Resources team and their role will be published in the next edition of Forum.