McGillians on why they’ve been vaccinated

“I love and trust science and I want everyone to be safe and healthy"

Members of the McGill community were asked recently to share their motivation for getting vaccinated against COVID-19 on Instagram, and the response has been inspiring. While the reasons are diverse, there is a common thread running through the short clips: Community.

Here is a sample of what people have said:

  • “For the betterment of public health… for my family and myself … and so that I can see my parents.”
  • “I got vaccinated to spend time with my family and friends and to go back on campus for in-person classes.”
  • “For my own health reasons, to protect those around me… and to honour the years and years of collective work that has been undertaken by research biologists and immunologists the world over…”
  • “I got vaccinated because my best friend had a baby and I want some baby therapy!”
  • “To hug my mom… She’s elderly, has pre-existing conditions and is immunocompromised… It was one small thing I could do to protect her and others like her.”
  • “I got vaccinated to protect all those people who can’t get vaccinated themselves.”
  • “I love and trust science and I want everyone to be safe and healthy.”

You can watch all the short clips here – with more being added regularly.

If you want to share your motivation for getting vaccinated DM @mcgillu on Instagram with your 10-second video. If it is re-shared, you will receive a $20 Le James gift card.