McGill top Canadian school for undergrad female start-up founders

The 2022 edition of the PitchBook rankings place McGill at #18 in the world for female undergrads who went on to receive first-round venture funding.

Yesterday, PitchBook released its annual ranking of universities based on the number of alumni entrepreneurs whose companies received a first round of venture funding between January 1, 2012, and October 21, 2022. This year, McGill was the top Canadian school for successful female undergraduate alumna.

PitchBook is a by-subscription database of information relating to private capital markets, including venture capital, private equity, and mergers and acquisitions transactions. The company analyses data relating to more than 144,000 start-up founders.

PitchBook ranks schools in four categories. McGill placed #18 in the world for female undergraduates who went on to receive first-round venture funding; this was a slight drop from last year, when McGill tied for #16, but still earns McGill the distinction of the highest ranking of any Canadian university. According to the 2022 rankings, 70 female McGill undergraduates received $653 million in venture funding for their start-ups in the last decade.

In other good news, McGill rose three spots from last year to now rank #26 for undergrad students overall. McGill also placed 47th in the world for female grad students, and #53 for grad students overall, two categories that were not tracked in the 2021 PitchBook rankings.


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Vicheka Lay
Vicheka Lay
1 month ago

Congratulations to McGill!!!