McGill announces hon docs for Fall 2022 Convocation

Two distinguished alumni, search engine pioneer Alan Emtage and surgeon-philanthropist-photographer Dr. Neville Poy, will receive McGill’s highest honour at Oct. 26 ceremonies
Dr. Neville Poy (left) and Alan Emtage will receive honorary doctorates as part of McGill’s Fall 2022 convocation ceremonies

On October 26, 1,800 graduating students will cross the Place des Arts stage for McGill University’s Fall 2022 convocation ceremonies. As part of the ceremonies, McGill will continue its tradition of conferring honorary degrees to highly talented and engaged individuals who serve as an inspiration for its community of students, professors, researchers, and staff. This year’s hon doc honorees are two accomplished McGill alumni:

  • Alan Emtage created Archie, the world’s first search engine, in 1989, while the Internet was still in its infancy—and he was still a student at McGill. Emtage went on to become a founding member of the Internet Society, which formulated many of today’s standards for Web technology, and co-chaired the working group that created the standard for URLs. Emtage has also proven himself a visionary when it comes to realizing the Internet’s potential to advance social good. In the 1990s, his Web development company, Mediapolis, created the DataLounge, one of the first Internet spaces dedicated to LGBT people and their experiences, and still an active and vibrant online community.
  • Dr.  Neville Poy had a long, distinguished career specializing in treating and researching severe burns at Scarborough General Hospital’s pioneering Burn Unit, long the only unit of its kind in Canada. He served the medical and wider community with leadership roles in numerous organizations, and has remained engaged with McGill by serving on the Dean’s Medical Advisory Board of the Faculty of Medicine, and leading philanthropic efforts for the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Arts. After retiring from his surgical practice in 1995, Poy embarked on a new career as a photographer, and has since held many exhibitions of his photographs.

Emtage will receive his honorary degree at the 10 am ceremony. Dr. Poy will receive his degree at the 3 pm ceremony.

“This year’s honorary doctorate recipients exemplify excellence and serve as a source of inspiration to our community,” says Professor Christopher Manfredi, Interim Principal and Vice-Chancellor of McGill. “Their work has left an indelible mark, transforming our understanding of ourselves and our world. Their generous leadership raises the bar for us all.”

“We take immense pride in the strength and determination of our graduates and are so pleased to share in the joy of this significant day in their lives. They are our future healers, innovators, and entrepreneurs who have gained the knowledge and skills that will prepare them to solve the global challenges of our time.”