A smaller carbon tire print

In the face of global warming and exorbitant prices at the gas pump, the cost of owning a car is becoming increasingly dear. Here are a few tips to help you save money and, along the way, maybe save the planet.

Take public transit. The downtown campus is located just minutes from the metro and numerous bus stops. Full-time students between ages 18-25 get a discount on their monthly bus pass (www.stm.info/English/info/a-privilege.htm).

Take the shuttle bus to and from Macdonald Campus (www.mcgill.ca/macdonald/contact/shuttle/).

Carpooling is easy, cost efficient, and a social way of getting to school or work every morning. Ask around to see who you can share a ride with or check our agencies like uPool, the McGill Online Carpooling Directory (www.upool.ca/)

If you have to take your car, try not to idle. Not only does it fill the atmosphere with more emissions, it is also illegal in Montreal to idle for more than four minutes.