SciVal access at McGill

McGill now has a licence to a bibliometric tool that offers access to research performance metrics of over 10,000 research institutions in 230 regions and countries

Starting in December 2018, Elsevier’s SciVal is available to McGill’s faculty members, students and staff. SciVal is an on-line bibliometric tool based on the Scopus database that offers research metrics such as publications and citations from over 10,000 research institutions and their associated researchers from 230 regions and nations worldwide. The tool gives users access to 46 million publication records, from 1996 to today, from over 21,000 journals.

High-quality bibliometric data, one of many ways to measure research output, has become critical for multiple stakeholders across the McGill community and for multiple types of questions and uses, such as identifying research strengths through benchmarking, providing supporting data for grant applications, and identifying opportunities for collaborations. Using advanced data analytics, SciVal processes large amounts of data to generate uniquely tailored reports, which include visualizations such as charts, graphs and tables.

SciVal is accessible via the SciVal homepage. First-time users will be required to register using their McGill emails. Users with Scopus, ScienceDirect or Embase accounts will be able to login with the same credentials. For more information, please visit McGill’s SciVal webpage. If you have any additional questions, please contact the Office of the Vice-Principal (Research and Innovation) via email.