Pierre Gfeller takes the helm of MUHC

Dr. Pierre Gfeller has been appointed President and Executive Director of the McGill University Health Centre.
Dr. Pierre Gfeller brings 37 years of experience as physician and hospital administrator to new position.

Source: MUHC Public Affairs

On April 18, Dr. Pierre Gfeller was appointed as President and Executive Director of the McGill University Health Centre (MUHC). Dr. Gfeller will be assuming his new responsibilities on May 28.

“The MUHC is proud of the pivotal role it plays in terms of patient care, teaching, research and technology assessment in Quebec and Canada, and we are confident that Dr. Gfeller has the skills and the experience required to ensure we maintain our leadership position in a rapidly evolving health care environment,” said Peter Kruyt, Chair of the Board. “At both the CIUSSS and Sacre-Coeur he broke down barriers within the institutions and united stakeholders, from physicians and health care professionals to staff, patients and donors behind a common vision, strategy and action plan. And, furthermore, he secured the constant support of the Quebec government.”

“An added advantage,” continued Kruyt, “is that Pierre is a graduate of the McGill Faculty of Medicine. He understands our culture and our values and shares our focus on providing outstanding care for and with patients.”

Gfeller has 37 years of experience in the health and social services network, working as a family physician from 1981 to 2006 and becoming a hospital administrator in 1997. He has been the President and Executive Director of the CIUSSS du Nord-de-l’Île-de-Montréal for the past three years where he oversaw the successful integration of hospitals, specialized clinics, CHSLDs and CLSCs while achieving and maintaining a balanced budget over the last three years. He had previously been Executive Director of the Sacré-Coeur Hospital for three years where he strengthened relations and partnerships with, for example, the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Montreal as well as the Foundation, while promoting a culture of continuous improvement in care and administration.

“The MUHC has a proud tradition of excellence, and I am excited about joining this world-class institution,” noted Dr. Gfeller. “Over the next several months my intention is to consult broadly and work with the Board, the management team as well as the physicians, nurses and professionals on establishing together our priorities and our game plan. Together we will set a path forward that builds on our strengths, stresses innovation and ensures Quebecers continue to benefit from leading-edge care.”

Dr. Gfeller graduated from the McGill Faculty of Medicine (MD, CM) in 1980. He earned a DESS in public health from Laval University in 1986, a Master’s in Business Administration from UQAM in 2000 and an Executive MBA from U.Paris-Dauphine in 2000 as well.

“It goes without saying that the last two years have been challenging for the MUHC,” added Kruyt. “We are grateful to Martine Alfonso, who has provided us with steady and solid leadership. She is a true professional, and we are delighted that she will continue to be an integral part of our organization.”

“I am fortunate to have a leader with Martine’s experience and talent as Associate President and Executive Director. She is a valuable member of our team, and I know that I will benefit from her knowledge, her insights and her problem-solving capabilities,” said Dr. Gfeller.