New inter-campus shuttle buses unveiled

McGill’s shuttle buses are sporting a brand-new design

After a curveball of a year, the revamped McGill-red vehicles – which feature a new, bold Made by McGill design style – will, with any luck, serve as a beacon of the many exciting things to come as the university progresses toward the gradual resumption of on-campus activities.

“The Made creative platform has a strong visual presence with its blocky geometries and Swiss-design inspiration,” explains McGill Graphic Design Team Art Director Jean-Bernard Ng Man Sun, who led the in-house design project. As such, the same bold, minimalist and geometric design attributes were applied to the designs of the six buses, with each one illustrating one of six themes of the Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences’ newly-developed Strategic Research Plan: Environment, Ecology, and Sustainability; Water Soil and their Sustainable Management; Sustainable Crop and Livestock Production Systems; Safe, Nutritious, and Secure Food Supply; Human Nutrition and One Health; Bioproducts Biomaterials and Bioenergy.

“The Strategic Research Plan recognizes the importance of individual expertise, academic disciplines and interdisciplinary collaboration to reach our research ambitions and goals,” says Associate Vice-Principal (Macdonald Campus) and Faculty of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences Dean Anja Geitmann. “It was important that the artwork on the buses represent those relationships, while also highlighting our faculty’s dedication to addressing the global challenges facing humanity and our environment.”

And as these revitalized buses might suggest, the time has come for us to look forward to better, brighter days ahead.

“It’s wonderful to see the buses get a facelift, however the bigger celebration will come when passengers can once again occupy every seat, chat with their neighbours and fully enjoy the campus experience,” says Dean Geitmann – and hopefully those days are not too far ahead of us.

 For more information about the inter-campus shuttle bus and its schedule, visit the Transport website.


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Dane Solomon
3 years ago

I detest the “Made by” line and logo. Especially the logo – hard to decipher, and inelegant. As a brand professional I’d be happy to talk (if interested) in more detail.

Benoit Boulet
3 years ago

I am sad to see that these buses are still old, polluting diesel buses, while Quebec is a pioneer in clean and quiet electric buses. That doesn’t scream positive change to me.