MUHC Foundation launches $200M Dream Big Campaign

The Dream Big Campaign will change the course of lives and medicine while supporting the priorities of the McGill University Health Centre
The Dream Big Campaign co-chairs (l to r): Marc Parent, President and CEO of CAE; Suzanne Legge Orr, prominent community leader; and the Honourable Jean Charest, former premier of Quebec.

The MUHC Foundation’s $200 million goal is key to transforming the MUHC, one of the world’s most advanced teaching hospital networks, into a leading international hub for innovative clinical research and excellence in care.

“The MUHC is one of the best university hospitals in Canada. With the Dream Big Campaign, we will make it one of the best in the world,” says Norman Steinberg, Chair of the MUHC Foundation’s Board of Directors.

The campaign focuses on top health care priorities, including infectious diseases, cancer, cardiovascular care and research. It also ensures the MUHC has one of the best skilled teams in Canada with access to state-of-the-art equipment and technology.

“We worked with the MUHC to select priorities that reflect the greatest needs in medicine now and in the future,” says Julie Quenneville, President of the MUHC Foundation. “We invite our community to dream big with us.”

Campaign co-chairs include the Honourable Jean Charest, former premier of Quebec; Marc Parent, President and CEO of CAE; and Suzanne Legge Orr, prominent community leader.

“The MUHC is home to a wealth of talent across health care and medical research. I am proud to support the hospital, which serves millions of people across the province,” says Jean Charest, Dream Big Campaign co-chair.

“Through Dream Big, we will provide the resources and the expertise to promote health care innovation that will change the course of lives and medicine,” says Marc Parent, Dream Big Campaign co-chair.

Dream Big will raise $60 million to Solve Humanity’s Deadliest Puzzles, antibiotic resistance and infectious diseases like COVID-19 and TB, by supporting the McGill Interdisciplinary Initiative in Infection and Immunity (MI4). MI4 is the largest group of experts focused on infectious diseases in the world, and is on the forefront of COVID-19 research in Canada.

Fix Broken Hearts, which was launched in September 2019, will raise $50 million to ensure Montreal has the lowest rate of hospitalization and fewest deaths due to heart disease in Canada. A record-breaking $18 million from the Courtois Family Foundation kicked off the campaign.

To usher in personalized cancer treatment to End Cancer as a life-threatening disease, the foundation will raise $35 million in collaboration with the other foundations of the MUHC. Cancer affects everyone, and the MUHC’s researchers are working to catch it early, understand it down to its genetics, discover its weaknesses, and stop it from taking lives.

“I am proud to be part of this transformative campaign. The Dream Big Campaign’s support of medical research will lead to breakthroughs that will benefit not just Quebecers, but the world,” says Suzanne Legge Orr, Dream Big Campaign co-chair.

The above priorities will be joined by fundraising efforts for respiratory disease, skills and simulation training, cannabis research, and support for new equipment and recruitment of personnel. Together, they make up an historic campaign that will define the future of the McGill University Health Centre.

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