THE ranks McGill as one of the world’s most international universities

McGill's 2022-2023 student body includes 12,001 international students representing 153 countries

On January 25, Times Higher Education (THE) released its ranking of the Most International Universities in the World 2023 and McGill placed 29th. According to the list McGill is the second most international university in Canada.

THE uses data compiled in the annual THE World University Rankings to develop the list. It uses information about the university’s proportion of international students (25 per cent), international staff (25 per cent), journal publications with at least one international co-author (25 per cent) and international reputation (25 per cent).

Diversity enhances the teaching and learning experience

Diversity has always been one of McGill’s strengths. Almost 30 per cent of McGill’s student body come from abroad. Hailing from Afghanistan and Albania to Yemen and Zimbabwe – and all points in between – there are 12,001 international students at McGill representing 153 countries (see chart below).

“Universities, by their nature, are global institutions,” said Seeta Bhardwa, editor THE Student. “Typically, they are home to communities of students and scholars from all over the world, and they tackle some of the globe’s most pressing problems through research.

“Research suggests that diverse communities of students improve the teaching and learning experience, while opportunities for students to spend time abroad better prepare them to become global citizens.”

McGill International Students by Citizenship 2022-2023

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Johanne Besse
1 year ago

How come McGill always ends up a second-fiddle (to the University of Toronto or the University of British Columbia/UBC) in global rankings?

Sudhendu Banerjee
1 year ago

I wish McGill to get overall ranking within 10. And No 1 in Canada. A challenge to improve our indices where there is need for improvement. As there are lot of agencies giving ranks based on their pointers, it may not be possible to be outstanding in every aspects. So overall ranking should improve amongst the International universities.