McTavish construction has resumed

The City of Montreal's major construction project, to replace water and sewer lines on McTavish St., began in earnest on Monday, June 9.

McTavish-back-hoeThe City of Montreal construction project on McTavish Street, between Sherbrooke St. and Dr. Penfield Ave., resumed in earnest on Monday, June 9.

This important project, to replace aging sewer and water lines under the street, will be conducted in two phases: from Sherbrooke north to the alley beside the Faculty Club (Phase 1) and from the alley north to Dr. Penfield (Phase 2).

It is estimated that the project will last at least 90 working days, which means it will now continue well into the fall. There will be major excavations and considerable construction vehicle traffic on the street during that time.

Please note that access to McGill buildings on the street, including Service Point, the Bookstore, the Student Centre and the Brown Building, will be maintained at all times.

But it is important to remember that during the summer McTavish will be a construction site. Please follow designated pathways, signage, Security staff and flagmen’s instructions and be very vigilant about vehicles that could be moving in either direction on the street. Don’t take chances.

For those who park in the underground lot at the Bronfman Building, please remember that access will be available only through the Peel St. entrance to the alley behind Bronfman.

While sidewalks will remain open during the project, some sections will need to be rebuilt as part of the work being done. In addition, it will be necessary to provide two or three buildings with temporary, above-ground water supplies.

For more information about this project, you can visit this website.

If you see something that concerns you and you wish to report it, you may call 514 398-4555 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and tell someone about it.