McGill University, Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences to host Canada’s largest academic gathering in 2024

Congress 2024 will bring together up to 70 scholarly associations and 9,000 scholars, graduate students, community members, and policymakers

McGill University and the Federation for the Humanities and Social Sciences (the Federation) have partnered to host the 93rd annual Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences.

Congress 2024 will take place at the McGill’s downtown campus in Montreal from June 12-21, 2024, and will bring together up to 70 scholarly associations and 9,000 scholars, graduate students, community members, and policymakers to share their research and hold critical conversations that can help shape the world of tomorrow.

“It is with pride that we announce Congress’ return to Montreal, and we are delighted to be joining forces with one of Canada’s leading research institutions,” said Annie Pilote, Chair of the Federation’s Board of Directors. “Hosting Congress at McGill is an exceptional opportunity to bring together some of the brightest minds from across the country and the world, to demonstrate international excellence in Canadian humanities and social sciences scholarship.”

“McGill University is delighted to host the 2024 Congress of the Humanities and Social Sciences,” said Deep Saini, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of McGill University. “The Congress offers an unparalleled opportunity to bring together Canada’s top academics, researchers, policy-makers and practitioners with the aim of addressing some of the most pressing issues, both here in Canada and abroad. We look forward to the rich exchanges and learnings that such an event will surely foster.”

McGill last hosted Congress in 1972. Congress was last held in Montreal in 2010.

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Sisay Demlie
Sisay Demlie
6 months ago

I think this is an intersting opportuniy for scholars who are going to attend the conference.I hope there will be multidisciplinary discussion and speched will be held at the evnet. I am intersted to present my research on theb Dynamics of Irregukar migration faciliation in Ethiopian partivularly on the Ethio-Djbouti-Middle East migration corridor. I am a lecture at Wollo University Ethiopia.

Last edited 6 months ago by Sisay Demlie
Robert Dennis
Robert Dennis
5 months ago

Congress was last held in Montreal in 2010 (not 2009). Carleton University hosted Congress in 2009.

Zamurrad Awan
Zamurrad Awan
4 months ago

I am writing to inquire about the announcement of the theme for your upcoming 2024 conference. As an Associate Professor from Pakistan specialising in social and political issues of South Asia and the Middle East, I am keen to participate and contribute to this esteemed gathering of scholars. Additionally, I would appreciate any details you can share about the conference fees and registration process. As an international participant from South Asia, understanding the fees and related information will allow me to plan accordingly and seek any necessary funding. I look forward to your response. Best Regards, Dr Zamurrad Awan Associate… Read more »

Last edited 4 months ago by Zamurrad Awan