McGill to launch new era of life sciences research

By Pascal Zamprelli

On Thursday, Sept. 18, McGill will celebrate the Grand Opening of the Life Sciences Complex, which encompasses two new, state-of-the-art facilities —  the Francesco Bellini Life Sciences Building and the Cancer Research Building – as well as the existing McIntyre Medical Sciences Building and Stewart Biological Sciences Building, both of which underwent extensive renovations and upgrades.

McGill University boasts a long history of collaboration between its Faculties, but few as deep and as important as the one between Medicine and Science. The University is now taking this deeply rooted research culture a giant step further with the multi-million-dollar Life Sciences Complex, which will foster interdisciplinary research by bringing some of the world’s key scientific talent under one roof, speed up the process of translating discoveries into treatments and cures, and strengthen Montreal’s position as a leading hub of biomedical research in Canada and the world.

The opening of the Life Sciences Complex marks a new age of investigation into the cause, treatment and prevention of human disease — investigations that promise to take scientific knowledge to new levels and create far-reaching benefits to human health. Researchers will have the necessary working environment to move from molecule discovery to drug delivery, taking their science from the bench to the bedside. They will tackle the entire spectrum of modern day diseases, from diabetes to cystic fibrosis, tuberculosis to cancer, and will be able to deliver good news to patients for decades to come.

Look for more news about the new Life Sciences Complex in the next issue of the McGill Reporter.