McGill IT Services implements ServiceNow for support tickets

Goal is to standardize processes and improve the delivery and support of information systems and technology services used throughout the University

McGill IT Services is in the midst of a multi-year project to implement an IT Service Management tool called ServiceNow. The goal is to standardize processes and improve the delivery and support of information systems and technology services used throughout the University.

IT Services has already been using ServiceNow since 2016 to record and monitor their internal Change Management process. An upcoming release, in July 2018 will include improvements to the ticketing process for managing IT support issues and service requests.

More on ServiceNow

ServiceNow is a leader in the service management industry, used by large service enterprises and IT departments at many universities across North America. McGIll’s implementation of ServiceNow will enable us to:

  • Record details of service requests and support issues, submitted by phone, email or webform
  • View the status of service requests and support issues at all stages, from initial receipt to completion
  • Provide enhanced notifications to members of the McGill community seeking help with IT resources
  • Allow multiple IT teams to easily view and manage their teams’ tasks to ensure optimal response times

It also incorporates dashboards and reports allowing IT managers to quickly see trends and spot potential problems, thereby improving the availability and quality of services to the McGill community.

What to expect this July

The July release will primarily change internal procedures for IT Services teams, with minimal effect on the McGill community. You will continue to submit support tickets through email, webforms, or by calling the IT Service Desk. However, when you submit a support ticket, you will notice the following changes to automated email notifications issued through ServiceNow:

  • The FROM name will appear as “McGill IT Support” instead of “ICS Customer Services”
  • Email subject and message content will differ depending on the type and status of the ticket
  • New format for reference numbers, corresponding to the way support tickets are classified: “TKT” for general inquiries and how-to questions, “INC” for incidents, where something doesn’t work, “REQ” and “RITM” for Service Requests and Requested Items
  • The email signature will include the McGill IT Services branding and logo

The road ahead

The July release of ServiceNow is the first part of a phased rollout for IT support, which will provide enhancements to the customer experience further down the road. You can expect to see improvements to the IT Knowledge Base and an IT service portal, where you will be able to search for information, get help, and request services all from one convenient site.

Announcements about the progress of future releases will be posted as we get closer to those dates.