June 14: Take a hike (on Mount Royal)

Join the Health & Wellbeing team for their popular Take A Hike! group walk on Mount Royal during lunch hour on Friday, June 14.

Do you grab your lunch and eat it in front of your computer? Ignoring your body’s and your mind’s need for a break, you’re risking your health. If you regularly work through your lunch break, the Health & Wellbeing team has a challenge for you! Commit to taking a lunch break at least three times a week for the next two weeks. It doesn’t have to be a full hour. Go for a walk, visit a local museum or art gallery. Whatever you do, you’ll return to work refreshed, refocused, re-energized and relaxed.

To get you started, they are organizing one of our popular “Take A Hike!” group walks on Mount Royal, on Friday, June 14. People should meet opposite 3480 McTavish, leaving at 12:15pm sharp, and about 5 minutes later at the corner of Peel and Pine avenues. Everyone goes at their own pace, but if you’re really keen, you can get to the Summit and back in under an hour.

To register, click here.