Jan. 29: Quaderni Gitani – A film trilogy about Roma

Italian filmmaker, Giovanni Princigalli, will be on hand during the Jan. 29 screening of one of his most famous documentaries, a trilogy about Rome.

roma-storiesGiovanni Princigalli is a recognized and multi-awarded Italian filmmaker, resident in Montreal, and founder of the Héros Fragiles society, which is mostly dedicated to create new cinema focused on social and intercultural problems. The Dept. of Languages, Literatures and Cultures invites the public to the film screening of one of Giovanni’s most famous documentaries, part of a trilogy, followed by an open conversation with him. The films include Japigia Gagi (50 min., 2003), The Red Apple (20 min., 2014), and Ligia (21 min., 2014). Thursday, Jan. 29, 6 p.m.; 3475 Peel Street, room 101.