Important change to exams schedule

Photo: Claudio Calligaris

By Chris Chipello

Examinations previously scheduled for Dec. 8 have been shifted to Sunday, Dec. 7, because that was the easiest way to make the necessary accommodation for the provincial elections on Monday, Deputy Provost Morton Mendelson told the McGill Senate at its meeting Wednesday.

One Senator noted that trains and other public-transit services operate on reduced schedules on Sundays, and suggested that students be advised to take that into consideration.

The shuttle bus between the Macdonald and downtown campuses, normally available Monday through Friday, will operate Sunday because of the revised exam schedule, officials noted.

Under Article 306 of la Loi électorale, Quebec universities are required to grant leave to students to ensure they have an opportunity to vote.  Quebec universities traditionally have cancelled classes on an election day.

Because Monday’s election falls on a final-examination day, the exams have been rescheduled for Sunday, at the same time of day as previously scheduled.