Fun for the whole family

Annual holiday skating party attracts 700 McGill staff members and their families

McConnell Winter Arena was buzzing on Sunday, December 11, as throngs of McGill staff members and their families took part in the annual Holiday Skating Party. Some 700 people took to the ice, the largest crowd since 1992.

As always, the most popular person was Santa Claus who greeted skaters and handed out seasonal treats to young and old. Jolly Old St. Nick even took a couple of laps himself. Santa’s helpers included Interim Principal Christopher Manfredi; Eyal Baruch, Assistant Manager, Events, Athletics and Recreation; Marty the Martlet; and a host of elves.

The festivities also included live music and figure skating demonstrations. In the spirit of the season, participants donated non-perishable food items for The Open Door MTL, which provides services to homeless and low-income people in downtown Montreal.

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