Happy Halloween: The gargoyles and ghoulish faces of McGill

Do you ever walk past McGill buildings and feel like you're being watched? Look up and you'll find out that, in fact, you are!

With Halloween upon us, we resurrect a ghoulish quiz we ran a few years ago celebrating the gargoyles and other fanciful faces carved into the façades of many McGill buildings.

Dozens of creatures – human, animal, mythological – glower, smile and stoically stand guard over a campus that is eerily quiet these days.

And while you may have hustled past the stony sentinels dozens, even hundreds of times, you might not have noticed them. We’ve compiled a short, 20-question quiz to test your powers of observation. See how good you are at matching the stone faces and statuary in each picture with a McGill building.

“Most of these ferocious and maleficent physiognomies, some gloating, laughing, or screaming, share one thing: they all look down on us.” – Michael Camille, The Gargoyles of Notre-Dame: Medievalism and the Monsters of Modernity 



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