Four McGill researchers receive Arthritis Society grants

On Sept. 9, the Arthritis Society announced the commitment of $3.4 million in funding for arthritis research across Canada this year. Four McGill researchers received Arthritis Society grants, including Dr. Shawn Robbins, Dr. Hélène Beaudry, Dr. Hugues Petitjean and Dr. Jessica Widdifield.

Arthritis-Society-logoOn Sept. 9, the Arthritis Society announced the commitment of $3.4 million in funding for arthritis research across Canada this year. The funding will be used to fund both established researchers as well as provide young investigators with their first opportunities to explore novel ideas within the field of arthritis research. A total of 18 new projects will be funded.

“Canadians with arthritis should know that we are fast approaching real answers to questions that have puzzled arthritis researchers for decades,” said Joanne Simons, chief mission officer at The Arthritis Society. “More sophisticated equipment and advanced technology have enabled us to study disease development and progression more accurately than ever.”

Each year, The Arthritis Society funds exceptional research projects that show the most promise to deliver practical solutions for people with arthritis and to find the cure for this disease. These new grants carry awards that last up to three years.

The following four McGill researchers were awarded grants:

Dr. Shawn Robbins, Faculty of Medicine, School of Physical and Occupational Therapy, earned both a Young Investigator Operating Grant and a Young Investigator Salary Award for his work in knee osteoarthritis.

Dr. Hélène Beaudry, Faculty of Medecine, won a Post Doctoral Fellowship Salary Award for her work on the role the nervous system plays in the development of arthritis.

Dr. Hugues Petitjean, Faculty of Medicine, earned a Post Doctoral Fellowship Salary Award for his research into new methods to control osteoarthritis pain.

Dr. Jessica Widdifield, Faculty of Medicine, The Research Institute of the McGill University Health Centre, won a Post Doctoral Fellowship Salary Award for her exploration into the causes and contributors of early death in patients with rheumatoid arthritis.



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    Debbie Nicholas

    Dr. Beaudry. I was diagnosed with osteoarthritis 5 years ago and got progressively worst that now I am on a waitlist for a knee replacement.Just a few months ago a spot on the inside of my right foot very slightly above the ankle bone I developed a numb spot ( which is a bit bigger now) which when i push on that spot I can feel the nerve pain track along my instep to my now enlarging bunion.Could this be from the arthritis?Very interesting and would like to read more on your findings.
    Also Dr. Robbins I think gait plays a definite role in worsening symptoms and causing many other problems.From experience worsens the other knee, causes hip,sciatic and back discomfort and the arthritis in the toes causing bunion and therefore uncomfortable walking gait ( need orthotics) .
    This has caused a lot of pain with trips to pain management and family Dr. and ortho surgeon.The life I planned after retirement has totally changed.Everything I used to do is minimized greatly or totally.When you do need surgery you have another 1-2 years of wait time.All of this is hard on the head and everyone of your support family and friends.On top of that the meds are going to kill my stomach or my liver.
    All of you keep up the research so the next generation can have a better life without ARTHRITIS.
    Thank you and I do Hope you take this couple of minutes to read this.

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