Five key takeaways from MFORUM

The theme of the annual MForum conference was “resilience,” helping McGill’s managers adapt to a changing environment.
Isabelle Fontaine spoke to MFORUM participants about performance psychology and emotional intelligence.

The annual MFORUM conference took place on March 28 at New Residence Hall before a record crowd of 292 members of McGill’s “M” staff – non-academic managers. The conference theme was “resilience,” helping McGill’s managers adapt to a changing environment.

Yves Beauchamp, Vice-Principal, Administration and Finance, and Diana Dutton, Associate Vice-Principal, Human Resources, opened the conference with words of welcome and support. Keynote speaker Isabelle Fontaine followed with an energetic and musically focused presentation to help managers learn to easily recharge their inner battery, build resilience, and tap into their courageous frame of mind. She posed some questions to the group: How do you measure your own performance, and what motivates you to action?

As Fontaine explained, we are all naturally attracted to people who exude positive energy.  Yet, it is not by chance alone that one is able to tap into a positive frame of mind.  Fontaine encouraged the group to adopt simple strategies to manage their energy, emotions and motivation. “Adopt the code of honour of bringing happiness to others,” she said. “After all, the task of a true leader is to love people, not be loved.”

Hélène Fyfe, a Human Resources Administrator, has attended every MFORUM conference in recent years, but felt particularly invigorated by her participation at this year’s conference. “There was a particular energy in the room last week and I am thrilled that I was able to attend,” she said.

Five takeaways from MFORUM 2018:

  • Appreciating team members is not hard to do, especially when you use Kit Malo’s S.O.N.I.C formula: (Specific, Often, Not a big deal, Individual and team, and a regular part of team Culture). Read the presentation online.
  • McGill’s Campus Public Safety Emergency Preparedness Team, represented by Sarah Delisle and Hugo Bourcier, are always training for the worst case-scenario, in an effort to keep McGill’s community safe and secure. Contact their office to obtain posters and quick reference guides with instructions on how to react in a variety of emergencies. Read the presentation online.
  • Conversations about employment equity need to happen regularly and McGill’s Employment Equity Advisor, Tynan Jarrett, is available to help. Contact Jarrett to identify the gaps in representation in your units and to work actively toward creating a welcoming and inclusive environment. Take a minute to respond to McGill’s new Employment Equity Survey if you have not already done so.
  • “Cities are complex intersections of ecological, structural, socioeconomic, and governance systems,” said Climate Officer Ali Rivers. “All of these systems form the source of both a city’s potential vulnerabilities and resilience to climate change.” Read Montreal’s Adaptation Plan to understand neighbourhood-specific vulnerabilities (e.g. urban heat islands, heavy rains, flooding, storms), and get involved at McGill and within your local communities to help enhance our climate resilience. Read the presentation online.
  • With Yogi Shan Rampersaud, participants practiced meditation and walked away with some concrete advice: eat well, and let go of the things you cannot control.

Upcoming events:

MFORUM is a group run by and for managers at McGill. On April 11, Chair Claude Lahaie and former Chair Mark Michaud will host a visioning session for managers at McGill. Claude and Mark invite the community to join them in a collaborative and creative process to identify future MFORUM themes and activities. Space is limited. Register to attend.

An end-of-year cocktail will take place in June. Stay tuned to MFORUM’s event calendar for details.

The organizers would like to thank the MFORUM Conference Sponsors:

  • Le James McGill Bookstore
  • McGill Executive Institute
  • McGill Athletics and Recreation
  • McGill Food and Dining Services