Douglas Institute appoints new executive director

By McGill Reporter Staff

The Douglas Mental Health Institute has announced the appointment of Lynne McVey as its new executive director, effective Jan. 16, 2012. Ms. McVey is an associate professor at McGill’s School of Nursing and currently Director of Nursing and Clinical Operations at the Jewish General Hospital and Co-Director of the Segal Cancer Centre.

“Ms. McVey has an extensive knowledge of the stakes and challenges in health, research and teaching,” said Claudette Allard, President of the Douglas Board. “She is recognized for her patient-centered approach and interdisciplinary leadership. She has an impressive track record in improving patient care, especially with respect to better organization of services. Ms. McVey also believes in continually improving the patient experience, especially for those who must live with the stigma associated with mental illness, wanting to ensure they receive care with dignity.

“Clearly passionate, dynamic and persistent, she proved to be the ideal candidate for the Douglas Institute. The arrival of Ms. McVey will allow the Institute to continue its mission to offer cutting-edge care and services and advance and share knowledge in mental health,” added Allard.

“I’m delighted that someone of Lynne McVey’s experience and commitment to patient care has been named to this important position,” said Heather Munroe-Blum, Principal and Vice-Chancellor of McGill. “Ms. McVey has made an extraordinary contribution to health care in Quebec. It is most heartening to see a nursing professional accorded such a significant vote of confidence. I know she will serve the Douglas with distinction and we look forward to working with her to enhance even further the outstanding partnership that ties McGill and the Douglas.”

McVey is also a lecturer in the Université de Montréal’s health administration program and has been a fellow at the Wharton School of Business at the University of Pennsylvania since 2009, as well as a member of the Board of that institution since 2010, serving until 2012.