Deep Saini attending World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos

McGill President will moderate Open Forum session on sustaining life on Earth
The World Economic Forum Annual Meeting is taking place from January 15-19World Economic Forum

President Deep Saini is in Davos, Switzerland this week to represent McGill at the Global University Leaders Forum (GULF). The GULF is part of the program of the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting running from January 15-19. This year, the Annual Meeting brings together more than 2,800 delegates from more than 120 countries under the theme “Rebuilding Trust.”

Created in 2006, the GULF is comprised of some of the top 29 universities in the world. McGill joined the GULF in 2016, and currently stands as the only Canadian member.

An invitation only community of university leaders who are committed to improving the state of the world, the GULF has two major roles; it offers a forum to address educational, scientific, and research agendas, and it serves as an advisory body, providing intellectual stewardship to the World Economic Forum.

“McGill University is pleased to build upon the relationship established with the World Economic Forum, particularly as a member of the Global University Leaders Forum,” said President Saini. “McGill’s ongoing participation in this global intellectual forum offers a unique opportunity to shape the future directions of higher education and research, while also engaging a diverse group of stakeholders in discussions and initiatives that enhance the impact of Montreal, Quebec, and Canada on an international stage.”

Toward a greener future

While in Davos, President Saini will also participate in the Open Forum, a four-day public conference that takes place in parallel to the World Economic Forum’s annual meeting.

On January 17, President Saini will moderate the session titled “Sustaining Life on Earth,” which will examine how unprecedented collaboration between science, business, and policy is required to safeguard life and livelihoods on the planet. The session will be livestreamed on Wednesday, Jan. 17, at 6:30 a.m. EDT. A recording will be available at the same link.


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Phil Gold
5 months ago

Perhaps this would be the forum in which to make the international community aware of the CAQ governments assault on one of the world’s leading universities.