Complete closure of the Ile-aux-Tourtes Bridge

People planning to come to the Macdonald Campus or Ste. Anne de Bellevue from the West, should plan their route ahead of time and allow extra time for travel

Please note that the Ile-aux-Tourtes bridge linking Vaudreuil and Senneville/Ste. Anne de Bellevue (Highway 40) has been closed due to safety concerns.

If you plan to come to the Macdonald Campus or Ste. Anne de Bellevue from the West, please plan your route ahead of time and allow extra time for travel since the traffic on highway 20 will likely be affected by this closure as well.

For additional details on the closure and traffic mitigation measures, please visit the Ministère des Transports website.

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Mega 🐻
2 years ago

They have been talking about replacing the old relict for a long time. Like all interstructure in Quebec the qoverments wait until a crisis arises or a total collapse happens before they take any action. It would be nice to see the government pay close attention to the infrastructure of Quebec like they do revamping language laws. I think it’s time Quebec evolved. Now the public is going to pay for months if not years waiting for something positive and safe to cross Lake of two mountains, Ottawa River. Whatever happened to ma Belle province. Stay safe, maybe you’d be… Read more »

Laiq khan
2 years ago

Because of the government’s inability I have to pay extra on travelling and getting late at work and cut my salary due to lose of hours.If government would have paid attention to the safety of the people a head of time like they paying attention to the language law then it won’t be the case.I think government should compensate to the people.

Mike Johnson
2 years ago

The Legault gov’t think there smart , but the reality is there stupid.. I don’t believe for one min that the bridge is unfit to use , what’s really going on is the new tran – rail is way behind schedule & way over budget.. So they throw us a smoke screen by saying the ILB is not safe. This way they can jack up the price.. The only way to believe the Legault gov’t is to have an independent engineering firm do the assessment if the bridge is safe or not.. Do NOT TRUST THE LEGAULT GOV’T