A lesson in love, friendship and philanthropy

Friends of Jacqueline Aziz, an Education student who lost her battle with cancer, are looking to establish a bursary in her name

Jacqueline Aziz was passionate about education. She dreamed of graduating from McGill and impacting young lives as an elementary school teacher. Unfortunately, Aziz never realized her dream, passing away in January after a five-year battle with cancer.

Jackie Aziz passed away in January 2019, after a five-year battle with cancer

Inspired by Aziz’s courage, bravery and passion for teaching, two of her friends and fellow students are on a mission to keep her dreams of education alive. The Faculty of Education’s Meaghan Moran and Amanda Doonan are looking to raise $20,000 to establish the Jacqueline Aziz Memorial Bursary. The bursary will help students in the Faculty of Education in need of financial support.

In less than two months, they have raised over $12,000, with nine weeks left in the campaign.

Living every day to the fullest

Moran and Doonan want to establish the Bursary to pay tribute to their friend, who passed away at the age of 23 from Sarcoma; cancer of the body’s connective tissue. Aziz was a source of inspiration and encouragement to Meaghan and Amanda, throughout the adversity she faced. “She never let cancer get in the way of her attitude,” said Moran.

The trio met in 2017 while pursuing their Bachelor of Kindergarten and Elementary Education. They soon became fast friends, collaborating projects and scheduling their courses together. Described by her peers as smart, passionate, optimistic and brave, Aziz continued to attend classes and complete assignments despite her illness.

Aziz’s resilience had a profound impact on those around her. “Jackie taught me to live every day to its fullest; to stop and take in the view,” said Doonan. “She taught me to be brave, and never give up on my dreams. She had the kindest soul and it made me want to be a better person.”

Continuing the legacy of Jacqueline Aziz

Despite not completing her teacher certification, Aziz imparted much wisdom upon others, promoting the life lesson of making the most out of what life gives you.

From left to right: Jackie Aziz, Meaghan Moran, and Amanda Doonan

“Jackie had such a generous heart and always wanted to make a positive impact on young lives. In keeping with her commitment, it felt right to create a bursary and keep giving back,” explained Maria Power, Aziz’s childhood friend who was inspired to connect with Doonan and Moran on the campaign. “If we reach our $20,000 goal, this bursary will be endowed. It will become a permanent fixture at the University and would also be a means of continuing to share Jackie’s passion for Education with future students.”

These young philanthropists have assembled more than 140 donors (to date) to drive their efforts forward, but are looking for more supporters who can help them reach their financial goal. Entering the season of giving, Doonan, Moran and Power are hoping to ignite the public’s passion for education and are asking for contributions to the bursary.

To get more information about or donate to the Jacqueline Aziz Memorial Bursary, visit the Seeds of Change page.