A final look back at Summer 2021

Our annual photo gallery showcases how members of the McGill community spent their summer

And so the summer of 2021 has come to a close. As the temperature begins to drop and the days grow shorter, we pay our final tribute to the lazy (or in some cases, not so lazy) days of summer.

As with last year, COVID-19 meant most of the submissions we received were very local. We explored Montreal, Quebec and the rest of Canada. A few of our contributors sent pictures from destinations further afield, such as Berlin, Greece and China.

As the photo gallery below will attest to, we are an active lot. We climbed mountains, we swam lakes and rivers, we biked, we waterskied and we kayaked. Boy, did we kayak.

We received submissions from students, staff, faculty and administrators, who provided the captions. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to include all the photos (some were too small and vertical pictures don’t work for our photo gallery).

Thank you to everyone who participated!



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Gillian O'Driscoll
Gillian O'Driscoll
20 days ago

Beautiful views, original perspectives, and great family shots! Loved the captions too.

Ibukunoluwa Naiyeju
Ibukunoluwa Naiyeju
17 days ago

So beautiful! I felt like I’d traveled to these places myself.
It really is a beautiful world we live in; it’s a treasure to have been reminded through the collection.

Janet Long
Janet Long
16 days ago

Amazing views and experience shared!