6 words: Faculty advisor helps new students adapt

McGill’s Six-Word Campaign was tailor-made for Fern Ship. “I love all kinds of word play,” said the Faculty Advisor from her office at Macdonald Campus. “This was right up my alley.”

Ship’s six-word opus (see below) was chosen by people at DAR and the Campus Community Committee as one of the best of recent entries. Ship took time out of her hectic schedule to talk to the McGill Reporter about her job, her story and how the two are connected.

Name: Fern Ship

Years at McGill: 33 (beginning in what was then called Admissions)

Position: Faculty Advisor, Student Affairs Office in the Faculty of Agricultural & Environmental Sciences

Duties: “I advise students on things like registration and faculty policy. I also help them when they run into problems.”

Most rewarding part of the job: “When I help a student and they come back a few weeks later with a smile on their face and all the weight of the world off their shoulders.”

Six-word story: “All alone in a crowded room.”

Genesis of the story: “This was inspired by an advising session I took. We were told that the kids to pay particular attention to were the new ones from out of town – especially the ones who aren’t making friends or mixing very well. They often end up being the ones who run into problems.”

To submit your six-word story, go to www.mcgill.ca/6words