Newly certified sustainable offices at McGill: June and July 2021

Teams reinforce their longstanding commitments to sustainability by promoting mental health initiatives, reduction of single-use plastics

Sometimes all it takes is putting pen to paper to realize all the ways you already embrace a sustainable lifestyle.

That was the case for Financial Services for Facilities Management (FSFM), the student-led ADELFIES, and the Department of Language and Intercultural Communication (School of Continuing Studies). The three workplaces, which include a total of 51 McGill community members, all used the summer months reinforce their existing commitments to promoting sustainable habits at home or at the office.

Financial Services for Facilities Management (FSFM) – Bronze

Number of team members: 11

Bronze-level action: Supervisors encourage staff to take lunch and regular breaks throughout the workday

Financial Services has had a long history of continued sustainable habits such as using reusable mugs and containers and turning off monitors when not in use,” says Luana Sorella, Director of Financial Services for Facilities Management (FSFM). “The certification is a wonderful way to valid and keep encouraging these habits.”

The FSFM team is the second team within Financial Services to achieve Sustainable Workplace Certification, contributing to the unit’s goal to have all teams achieve bronze-level certification in 2021.

The process of validating their efforts was seamless, “as we have been functioning in this manner for years,” Sorella says.

Association des étudiant(e)s en langue et littérature françaises inscrit(e)s aux études supérieures de l’Université McGill  (ADELFIES) – Bronze

Number of team members: 15

Bronze-level action: ADELFIES is committed to spread awareness of mental health programs available to its members, and encourages Faculty to do so as well.

“The workplace has been certified since its creation, and its members have always been encouraged to adopt sustainable practices,” says Sustainable Workplace Ambassador Julie Levasseur.

The student-run team first received their Bronze-level certification in April 2019 and recently reaffirmed their commitment to sustainability by renewing their certification, despite the additional challenges brought forth by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Among other actions, “the certification has encouraged ADELFIES to seek [sustainable] certification for all other events it organizes,” Levasseur says.

Language and Intercultural Communication (School of Continuing Studies) – Silver

Number of team members: 25

Silver-level action: Create their own sustainable initiative for their workplace by encouraging team members to participate in McGill’s seed borrowing program.

“The Sustainable Workplace Certification process has motivated us to become more aware of our daily footprint at work, and more recently, at home,” says Bryan Johnson, faculty lecturer in the School of Continuing Studies’ Department of Language and Intercultural Communication.

The team first received a bronze-level certification in October 2019, during which they became familiar with McGill’s Paper Use Policy, proper recycling habits, and phasing out single-use plastic water bottles. Since then, Johnson says team members have continued to grow their sustainable habits.

“Members of our group have been inspired to reduce their use of paper, cut out coffee pods and styrofoam, learn new recipes to reduce meat consumption, clean with natural products, and plant beautiful gardens.”

The Sustainable Workplace Certification program includes environmentally, economically, and socially aware action items to inspire sustainable changes at work and at home. Learn how to get started or how to become a Sustainable Workplace Ambassador here.