Envisioning a more sustainable McGill

New module aims to make sustainability more accessible to McGill staff and faculty

This December, McGill is launching “Envisioning a More Sustainable McGill,” an online sustainability training module for all faculty and staff. As sustainability is increasingly part of McGill culture, this new program serves to educate and empower participants on how they can take action at home and at work.

The module complements the student sustainability module that launched in January of this year and is tailored to staff and faculty and their careers at McGill. It introduces the concept of sustainability, shares initiatives and opportunities at McGill, and equips faculty and staff to identify how sustainability can play a role in their career while collectively contributing to a more environmentally and socially responsible institution. Throughout the module there are custom case studies, asynchronous activities with colleagues, as well as interactive content to encourage engagement with sustainability.

“What makes the sustainability module unique is that it offers a place for both faculty and staff to improve their individual knowledge of sustainability while highlighting how their work fits into the bigger picture,” says Sustainability Officer Jessica Latus. “People are often more willing to work with their colleagues to implement solutions once they see how it impacts the collective movement.”

“Envisioning a More Sustainable McGill” serves as more than just an educational tool; it is a call to action. By providing knowledge, resources, and a roadmap for individuals to engage with sustainability, McGill aims to foster a community that is not only aware of the challenges we collectively face but actively contributing to a more sustainable future. “We hope that all faculty and staff will find the module valuable in navigating how they can get involved with the sustainability movement happening on campus,” says Latus.

The creation of the module was a collaborative effort between the Office of Sustainability and Teaching and Learning Services, and faculty and staff were invited to provide feedback throughout the process. Available in both French and English, the module takes approximately an hour to complete and can be completed over multiple sessions. Learn more and enrol in the module on MyCourses.